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Posted by Christo on 03/12/02 - 07:48:54
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At risk of being an ambulance chaser - with all the Palestine stuff going on - , I think it would be a good time for JS to sing Connection again  - one of my fave 80s era songs. I'd love to hear Diana sing on it. And Marty doing Mickey's bits.

Middle East
I've heard folks from both sides of the issues and at the end of the day I don't think either side deserves to have a country. I think they should draw a line down the middle and give one half to Luxembourg, who could do with the land and the other side to Sweden who have always been a peaceful bunch. Since Viking days anyhoo.

That was my solution to Northern Ireland - give it to Iceland - the historic ties go further back than King Billy and all that, and Iceland could do with the land - politicians don't knock on my door for votes any more (theres a result!)

As to the Jack/Tuna/Don whatever kerfuffle on the board - I don't really understand, except i think it is obvious that there have been misunderstandings here and there - after all - we all love one another don't we? Well we all love Ethel then...

Hot Tuna for me is great drinking music. Something about booze and blues...magical
Early Jefferson Starship is my flying music (and I don't mean drugs). 80s JS is my pop/rock music fix and JS TNG is the joy of sailing in uncharted waters and ongoing discoveries made.

Jack? - So long as he's playing music he enjoys and communicates that to others, he can play with who he wishes. I'm not bothered - I'll keep an ear open for him whatever.

Like someone who looks at a family form the outside I like to fondly imagine that everyone gets along (cue Sebastian's I Had A Dream song) and is a phonecall away and jams with eachother etc. I know it aint true but that's what i like to imagine. So I tend not to enjoy hearing the bickering stuff.
I like hearing what Don heard Jack say - It's nice to hear family business.

How about a "Phone Home" column on JS3C? - MC or WM gives JS family members a call and tells us what theyre up to? Barbata, Freiberg, Signe, Lavitz - I know there are folks who know who's doing what but it'd be nice to hear them in their own words.

I just had another fab idea (all this on one coffee) How about getting a band member we don't hear much about like Chris, or Slick to write reports of gigs/tours from their point of view? - interesting for us, and a chance for us to get to know them better.

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