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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 03/12/02 - 02:41:25
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I really got into watching Ben Hur this past week.  Great movie!  Next I plan to watch The Odyssey.  I know that is going to be a really great movie.  

Respondeat raptor, qui ignorare non potuit quod pupillum alienum abduxit.
Let the ravisher answer, for he cannot be ignorant that he is another’s ward.

W7 #2
Res sua nemini servit
No one can have servitude over his own property.

W7 #3
Tolle voluntaten et erit omnis actus indifferens.
Take away the will, and every action will be different.

The accuser’s answer to the accused question.

Ethereo #2
Res quotidianae.
Common questions.

Falus in uno, falus in omnibus
False in one thing, false in everything.

In favorem magis attenditur quod prodest quam quod nocet
In things favored, what profits is more regarded than what prejudices.

Rome II
Fama quae suspicionem inductu, oriri debet apud bonos et graves, non quidem malevolos et maledicos, sed providas et fide dignas personas, non semel sed saepius, quia clamor minuit et defamatio manifestat

Report which induces suspicion, ought to arise from good and grave men; no indeed, from malevolent and malicious men, but from cautious and credible persons; not only once, but frequently, for clamor diminishes, and defamation manifests.

Reputatio est vulgaris opinio ubi est veritas. Et vulgaris opinio est duplex, scil.: opinio vulgaris orta inter graves et discretos homines, et quae vultum veritas habet; et opinio tatum orta inter leves et vulgares homines, absque specie veritatis.

Reputation is common opinion where there is no truth. And common opinion is two kinds, to wit: Common reputation arising among grave and sensible men, and which has the appearance of truth; and mere opinion arising among foolish and ignorant men, without any appearance of truth.

ALL HAIL ... Foolish Caligula Busereo II
In ambigius orationibus maxime sententia spectanda est ejus qui eas protulisset.
In ambiguous expressions, the intention of the person using them is to be chiefly regarded.

Verba sunt indices animi.
Words are the indices of thought.

Non est recedendum a communi observantia
There should be no departure from common observance.

WeCeasar I
Generale dictum generaliter est interpretandum
A general expression is to be interpreted generally.

Cricketeo IV
Clausulae inconsuetae semper inducunt suspicionem
Unusual clauses always induce suspicion.

Scriptae obligationes scriptus tolluntur, et nudi consensus obligatio contrario consensu dissolvitur.
Written obligations are superceded by writings, and an obligation of naked assent is disolved by assent to the contrary.

Cricketeo, sapiens incipit a fine, et quod primum est et intione, ultimum est in executione. Sapiens omnia agit cum consilio!
Cricket, a wise man begins with the last, and what is first in intention is the last in execution.

Favorabiliors sunt executuines aliis processibus quibusunque
Executions are preferred to all other processes whatever.

Cricketeo V
Injuria servi dominum pertingit
The master is liable for the injury done by his servant.

Homicidium ex voluntate factum infectum fieri nequit
The willful killing of another is a thing that cannot be undone.

Forum actus?
The forum of the place where an act took place is now called into question.

Sanae Mentis
I am not English!!!

Ethereo & Jethereo
Ligeantia naturalis nullis claustris coercetur, nullis metis refraenatur, nullis finibus premitur
Natural allegiance is restrained by no barriers, refined by no bounds, compressed by no limits.

Cricketeo IV
Insanus est qui, abjecta ratione, omnia cum impetu et furore facit
He is insane who, reason being thrown away, does everything with violence and rage.  

Et sic fecit enudo, morando, et redeundo
And so he did, going, remaining, and returning.

Nemo praesumitur extremeis
No one is presumed dead.

Sister Mary Cricketeo
Ecclestia est infra aetatem et in custodia domini regis, qui tenetur jura et haereditates manu tenere et defendere
The church is under age, and in the custody of the King, who is bound to uphold and defend its rights.

You can imply many things from few expressions.


Mose Aters
Cum duo jura concurrunt in una persona aequum est ac si essent in duobus.
When two rights meet in one person, it is the same as if they were in two persons.

If Jack tours with Govt' Mule. Will that make him their Jackass while still being retained as Jorma's Lapdog?

Cum grano salis. Cum in corpore dissentitur, apparet nullam esse acceptionem.
With allowance for exaggeration.  When there is a disagreement in the substance, it appears there is no acceptance.

Est aliquid quod non oportet etiam si licet; quicquid vero non licet certe non oportet
There is that which is not proper, even though permitted; but whatever is not permitted is certainly not proper.


tsk tsk tsk …
Injuria absque damno
A wrong without damage.

Minimus Aters
Nemo tenetur informare qui nescit, sed quisquis scire quod informat.
No one is bound to give information about things he is ignorant of, but everyone is bound to know that which he gives information about.

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