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Posted by Ethel on 03/12/02 - 02:07:53
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I wish someone had censored YOU, Paul, when you chose to share my out of control reaction to Michael's way of expressing himself, ...with the rest of world.

But it's OK.  I DID have that reaction.  I like it that you want things open.  It's interesting how we grow---and policies develop.

My post on the SITE at that time was FAR more contained than the one I spat at you 'privately'.

Anyway, I think I understand Michael better now, since he was gracious enough to take the time to explain his job to me.

Regardless that this be water over the damn,
it bears on the now.  It's a bit of a study that our lite and affectionate, adamantly clung to password, and Needed philosophy of FYWDW3, is not very fun or appropriate anymore, when REAL anger
becomes involved.......merely a self-reflective observation.

How splendid your son gives us his Secret Sauce!
We love it. Naturally, there is a place of honor for in Ray's Recipe File.  Report back anon.

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