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Posted by Mission Control on 03/11/02 - 21:23:01
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... is currently amidst principal photography at the Paramount lot in Hollywood.  Though I too am a bigger fan of the more hard sc-fi TREK than the fantasy-like STAR WARS ... I have always loved Lucas's mythological hybrid of Tolkien & Herbert - AND - he did redefine FX via ILM.  Now of course James Cameron's Digital Domain gives everyone a run for their money.

I have been chomping at the bit to expound on movies AND sci-fi lit AND movies for some time, so I'll begin here.

Note: EPISODE II features the debut of famed bounty hunter Boba Fett's dad ... who always looked like COMMANDO CODY/THE ROCKETEER (Republic Pictures blocked George Frayne from using the name for his great rock/swing/trucker band - hence, "COMMANDER CODY") ... & of course - Anikan's turn toward the Dark Side.  Look for Obi-Won to toss the bloke into a volcano in EPISODE III, resulting in AS's voice turning into James Earl Jones via his oh so villanous hissy breather.

Back to TREK ... ostensibly the last for TNG ... Patrick Stewart having signed on for two more turns as Dr. Xavier in the fine screen adaptation of X-MEN ... & whilst in the Marvel-verse ... he is in negotiation to play Norrin Radd, Skyrider of the Spaceways - better known to you Earthers as THE SILVER SURFER.  Jim Cameron's got his grubby claws on that one thank goodness.  Unfortunately, he is NOT at the helm of T3 ... which begins shooting any minute ... the plot of which is better guarded than the location of Osama Bin-Laden ... at least Linda Hamilton, Eddie Furlong, Robert Patrick (X-FILES is cancelled) & AH-NOLD are all comin' back to finish the trilogy.

Oh yeah - back to TREK ... "NEMESIS" features the big screen debut of the nefarious Romulans ... whose trilateral relationship with the human sponsoring Vulcans has never been explored to this fan's satisfaction ... and, as all fans of TNG know - one of the series most intriguing story arcs involved, a little alternate quantum universe mishap involving the Romulan-sired daughter of deceased security officer Tasha Yar - returning to bedevil Picard et al in two memorable (one season ending) encounters.  "NEMESIS" was co-written by Brent Spiner ... the entire crew is back of course
- with cameos by Guinan, Janeway & Wesley Crusher as attendees at the wedding of Deanna Troi & Will

For those whose heads have NOT exploded from my very nerdy post - check back for even more useless meanderings on the state of literary sci-fi ... coming soon.

Note to Don (I hope your sense of humor is intact):  No Jack Casady's were harmed in the composition of this post.

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