clarified butter shortcut + yummie soup recipe

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Posted by carolyn on 03/11/02 - 20:38:23
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you can buy a jar of something called ghee - which is the Indian name for clrified butter at the health food store- to skip having to do it yourself.

yummie soup recipe - my own

organic garlic - organic tastes best
organic butter
one fat leek or two normal size leeks
6 yukon gold potatoes - has to be yukon gold
one bunch kale
16 oz vegie or chicken stock
freash or dried thyme
low fat butter milk

mince garlic and sautee briefly in butter.  add the sliced white parts of the leeks, chopped kale stems and chopped potatoes.  sautee a little longer.  add chopped up kale leaves, thyme and stock.  bring to a boil , then lower heat and cook until poatatoes are tender.  then transfer to a food processor or use one of those bamix things to puree soup. chill soup.  finish with buttermilk and nutmeg.  enjoy!

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