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Posted by Stuart Drucker on 03/11/02 - 18:27:25
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I took a look at the Jambands.com interview, and while he's very diplomatic, he takes pains to stress that he's very distant from anything JA-related. When the interviewer brings up JA reissues, he says something about it being so long ago that it's like listening to another band playing that music.

He also says that the Hot Tuna "power trio" era isn't where they're at now, so I guess "Ken Takes a Lude" won't pop up at a next HT show anytine soon.

One thing that is surprising is that he's not only dropping hints that he's building a studio, but that he's thinking of a "solo" album, or organizing some sort of loose collaboration with different musicians for a future release. Not to mention that he's working more on electric guitar!

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