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Posted by Rush on 03/11/02 - 17:20:59
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Actually the Carrier (The Intrepid) is now seemingly just a musem.  I have a  balcony that looks out on 46th Street and the musem is just 3 blocks to my right.  They used to hold large concerts/rave style parties there but it's been a few years.  There is now an ineadible Bike/Blade path that runs the entire West Side along the Hudson.  I was blading along there on Saturday.  The whole West Side along the river is becoming one huge park.  Interesting note: Also on 46th Street (one block up) is the newer location of the legendary Sound Factory nightclub.  I am able to see all kinds of club "patrons" going in there on Sat nights (after 2a) and it's much funnier when they come out on Sunday mornings around 11am.   I haven't made it in there yet.  Average age must be 24 years.

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