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Posted by AyeSi on 03/11/02 - 17:09:07
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Ahhh, at last, the PERRO's and the lammie hath arrived!  Very cool artwork and colors.  A very courteous and personable "chimp" called me last week to tell me the goodies would be here Monday March 11 and lo and behold, she spoketh the truth.  I am impressed and pleased and take back all the almost-nasty things I emailed to Artski/Miscon.  I blame it on the flu and my congenital anxiety neurosis.  Havent' listened to the discs yet, so....wait a mminute, we've got a player right over here.  I stretch over and put it on.  Yes, disc one works!  Disc two too!  Hip, very hip, hooray!   Thank you Paul, thank you Art, thank you Michael, thank you chimps, thank you post office!

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