Jack and Govt' Mule

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Posted by don aters on 03/11/02 - 14:55:31
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No time but the essence is,
I didn't say jack was playing with them (Govt' Mule), he just alluded to speaking to Warren and it might work out that way.  That's between jack and Warren, not me.  Point is, that is the fact, the way it was conveyed to me and i just posted it accordingly.  If i were to state it as a fact, rest assured, it would be just that.  It's a bit annoying that you imply orchestrating runors when I'm not.  I spend a lot of time and money on these bands for the love of the music, a passion and I'm not in it for the money, although my skills would dictate so.
Just a bit miffed over all this................
I'll get over it, I have other things to do.including helping to correlate The gathering in The Pocons and The Classic Rock Rally in The Poconos.  I assume this is more coherent??????????

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