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Posted by JC on 03/11/02 - 14:03:34
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I'm not telling anyone to do anything.  I'm not the boss of anyone ... I am not a fascist ... likewise, I have an opinion.  If it differs from yours or event the majority of people here, is that a crime?

I am simply observing that Hot Tuna's website prohibits this kind of free forum.

I am simply observing that, from all I've read - Jack & Jorma have gone out of their way to hurt Paul Kantner.

I am simply stating, that Don has chosen this forum to gush about musician's whose contempt for or insecuriuty about fans, denies fans from talking about them on their own site.  Do you not find this a bit odd?

We each have views - I am not denying the validity of yours or Don's or anyone's - neither shall I allow anyone to deny the validity of mine.

Peace - "ME"

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