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Posted by Mission Control on 03/11/02 - 13:45:55
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I think someone else brought this up in the last few days Don - & no one os didding Jacj - he's a rock god.  But did you ever wonder why neither he nor Jorma subject themselves to the body politic & public rumination that occurs here & on other Artist's sites?  Did you ever wonder?  It seems odd that musicians who act like "they're of the people" refuse to allow open discussion of their art.

It reminds me of Eva (Evita) Peron - "the people are free to talk about me, as long as they say nice things."

This is not a commentary on J & J's legendary, terrific musicianship - but IS a sad commentary on
some deficiency in their character.  That same 'something' which fueled a specious lawsuit against Paul.

Perhaps the reason you post so frequently here, is that there's no "there" - there.

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