Don - get yourt facts straight!

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Posted by Mission Control on 03/11/02 - 13:38:38
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Especially, inasmuch as you post so frequently.

Gov't Mule is playing a few shows in late June & early July, following their appearancess in support of Dave Matthews Band in May.  Outside of that, The Mule ain't touring, as Matt is full on committed to Blue Floyd in June & July (again, outside of a few Mule dates).  Besides, The Mule has already dialed in Schools from Panic AND Oteil, when ABB is down.
They would have to rehearse Jack, if he were to tour with them - they jam - but also play songs.

So, your supposition that Jack has choices to make is founded in ... ??? wishful thinking!  The truth
is, Jack sits around, waiting for Jorma to 'give the word.'  He has nothing else going, ever since
his head exploded over Paul doing "Good Shepherd" (J: "You can't do that!  It's Jorma's song.").

As for choices, there's always hwat to have for lunch.

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