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Posted by Carl on 03/11/02 - 10:17:11
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I've been away from the A-deck awile (real work to do) and imagine my surprise at all of the 'snippyness' of the recent posts, the fact that Kevin has learned another language, Don seems to be sticking up for Jack and the right to discuss HT on the A-deck, and the Webmaster is truely the master of his/her domain.  All this and I'm right back where I started...dissing Mickey!  The good thing is that if Kevin replies to defend Mickey again, I won't know what he's saying!!!  Personally, I loved watching and listening to Jack play bass and would consider it a thrill to see him again with JS.  It's about good music, isn't it? (that leaves Mickey out...ouch!)  Can't wait for JS to visit VA Beach in May and I hope that Jack makes a surprise guest  appearence, since Tom is not scheduled, so that they will play Epic#38 this time around just for me!  No harm in wishing....


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