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Posted by PEACE-MAKING FUNDAMENTALIST on 03/11/02 - 01:44:36
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Sheesh! 6-8 hours time difference - and, while I'm either in the pub or in the land of nod, the Message Board explodes with expressions of disgust and hatred and apparently invitations to "come around to my house and I'll sort you out!"

I say, apparently, because that well-known censor, Artski, has chopped out the more vicious elements of two of the posts.

Well, children...!

Firstly, as to Don - who seems to be one of the would-be pugilists - we've certainly had our differences in the past; but he recently snail-mailed me some images of Big Brother I got signed at Beverly. So Don's alright with me!

Don is well-known to a number of the bands which came out of that whole West Coast 60s-70s thing - only last night I was looking at his images on the David Laflamme/IABD site - so he gets access and privileges not all of us can get.

And that allows him to share some of their less confidential confidences with us. So now we know that the really tight Jack & Jorma act of the past couple of years - Jorma's way of wrapping Jack up emotionally and financially after the split with JS? - is starting to loosen up considerably.

I agree with JC's comments about there being no Message Board on the Tuna site - and PK's made it known that Jorma's objection to the proposed official JA site having one is hindering its development.

I also think I understand where JC is coming from in criticising the lack of variety/newness in Hot Tuna sets. He's not the only one to have said that over the years - and, as Kevin has pointed out, it was Michael Falzarono who really saved the Jorma/Tuna thing by pushing Jorma into trying some new songs/ideas in the early 90s. One of those ideas was bringing in Pete Sears - and most commentators acknowledge that that was what made Tuna vibrant again. Even that was going stale by the end of the decade. So what does Jorma do? -drops Falzarono and Sears and recreates the semi-acoustic duo Tuna of 69 doing pretty much what they did in 69.

However, those criticisms don't mean I don't want to know about J&J - and, since, there isn't a means of fan interaction at the Tuna site, I'm more than happy for Don to post info here.

Jack was the longest serving Airship bassist - 7 years with JA, 2 with KBC, 8 with the 90s JS and, of course, the Airplane reunion. And the fact that JS haven't announced a permanent replacement kind of hints that PK still holds out the hope he can lure Jack back one day...

As to Jorma, I've said it before and I'll say it again, he comes off as a real arsehole so many times - - hey, Kevin, I'm being rude about a Jefferson!! Nonetheless, he was a key part of the JA story and he was and is a very talented musician - and - now let's really be controversial here (heh! heh!)- the only half-decent songwriter to pass through the Airship ranks. (PK always interesting and sometimes excellent lyricist; Chaquico gifted tunesmith.)

The fact that PK still wants so much to work with him again - in spite of all the childish personal animosities (which I suspect PK is actually equally guilty of perpetrating!) - says how much respect he has for the arsehole.

Now, for Kevin. Kevin is the only contributor who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me (against all you Kantner-worshippers) and criticise the current JS - its songs, its performances, its concept even - especially in relation to the "real JS" 74-84. Though Kevin is very wrong when champions the "FAPZ" era - that's when they started to lose their musical identity - a route that culminated in the Jefferson-less Starship. (There, Kevin, done you down!)

So Kevin and I are "war buddies". We've both been viciously "flamed" on A-Deck by Kantnerphiles -including the aforementioned Don (who is now OK with me. Thanks, Don!).

Now, we know Kevin is an obnoxious, egotistical sort - I won't name-call him too much - his head'll get so big he won't be able to get through the proverbial door! And he likes to show off a lot. An awful lot!!

And so he's taken to showing us that he knows some Latin.

Hey, it's only Kevin showing off! Get a life, Don!

And, Melissa, I do live in a different country. (Hence, such a great time difference.) You think you're badly done to by The Lazy Fuckers? (Kevin, I'm being abusive about the Jeffs again!) Try 6 gigs in 37 years ago. (PK had the nerve to e-mail me off-board and ask how come I thought the Jeffs had treated the Brits so bad - but he never responded when I told him why!)

And, I still do the longest posts to A-Deck. Anybody still with this one?

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