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Posted by don aters on 03/10/02 - 20:05:51
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Perhpas we should read the posts of late, others have made commebnts aobut HT, merl, Big brother, yada, yada, not to mention the ongoing "days of our lives" with kevin,...........as for not having a place to construct comentary about Hot Tuna and or jack, not true.  i can post it on Haight Street anytime i choose, I own the name, the rights and it gives a certain amount of freedom to write about whom i so desire.
Freedom of expression, certainly.......but first thing is to know what the hell your talking about.
The legality and ramifications of Jorma, jack and PK are not known to anyone except them.  Hot Tuna site doesn't make available any interaction but that's more Jorma and vanessa and their choice.
Jack Casady is as much a vital cog in the JA/JS wheel as any others, a fact that all of you might as well come to terms with.
As for verbal assault, I put my EM address on all posts, if it's unfair, unwarrented, then there is always that to try and get a retraction or resolution.
If it's unwarranted as that Hot Tuna post, then there should be a subsequent address.
I don't need the diplomacy lessons, much as i don't need the comments "Like you know them or something", when actually I do.
Secondly, it wasn't a review but, i suppose you have to know the definition of a review to appreciate it.
If we are going to deface the value of one band, then i think the Merl, Dawn Patrol, Big Brother, It's A beautiful Day, David nelson Band and others will have to cease and desist as well.
Let's see, then we are down to sporadic jokes, impending gigs by JS and a myriad of repartee' between kevin and whomever.
Quite an interesting event to look forward to...........I can hardly wait.
If you want to be critical, that's fine, and i will listen but, me thinks a little of that "saving grace' of attitude should be utilized in both directions.
I am a reactionary, not a big deal but when i am verbally or physicaaly accosted, i will do what i think is beast for me at the moment.
The good thing being, if I am wrong, I don't mind admitting it but, takes two to tango.
That wonderful adage by our parents, "Let sleeping dogs lye".....speaks volumes.

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