Holy merde, Don!

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Posted by Cricket on 03/10/02 - 19:33:29
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A DUEL?  Is that what you're proposing to "Just Curious"?  Over a civilly-worded statement that she or he "would appreciate" your (and presumably others) not using this board to promote people who (fill in the legal stuff & the reference to their "problem with Paul") & who won't allow us the same access & expression on their own site?  

You don't have to agree. Nobody has to; "Just Curious" acknowledged that in saying that this is a "free" board... I read that post as an expression of frustration and an appeal based in a sense of what's "fair".  No profanities, name-calling, or threats from "J.C." (who made several points I agree with).  Again, you can disagree & post what you like -- but moving to the level of "Fuck you...tell me where to go and meet you...",to me, is not a rebuttal of his or her points, & seems un-called-for & quite disturbing to read...

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