Hot Tuna at The Mystic

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Posted by Don Aters on 03/10/02 - 11:32:48
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Pouring down rain, but no clouds inside The Mystic, J&J were prompt, cordial and right on the money.  New "old" songs and a few tunes written by Jorma for a new CD, inserted randomly around "San Francisco Bay Blues", "Good Shepard", Embryonic Journey", "99 Year Old Blues", and two sets of other classics from legendary duo.
Ethel & Ray were there, almost as good as J&J, made for a better evening.  
The News:  According to Jack, not that many "Tuna" dates for the summer, Jack will be producing two other bands, working on his new studio (using my images for decor), a few dates in Ohio at the ranch and probably a lengthy stint with Govt" Mule.
Jorma is going to several "BlueGrass" festivals and apparently has emersed himself into that genre.
Hey, even Harvey was civil, he came out and said, "Jack is expecting you, just wait here".
I wasn't sure he could speak fluid english but, alas, years of touring with Jorma has afforded him the luxury of a tutor.  "Ethel", could have had a supplemetal "gig" had we only known.
It's the little victories.

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