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Posted by Cricket on 03/09/02 - 20:34:21
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     In case no one has properly thanked you today for speaking English, permit me to...I can't tell you how grateful I'm feeling...

Meanwhile, I suspect we've cleared the deck after first driving everyone nuts (however short a trip that might be for those of us who regularly hang out here).  

We have several new shipmates -- or HAD several...  Imagine showing up at a party, not knowing anyone, perhaps feeling a bit shy, & you walk in & the first person to greet you yells:  "FRESH MEAT!" -- which then gets modified to "NO, IT'S LENT: MAKE THAT TUNA!" or "VEGGIE-BURGER!"  (You & Melissa totally cracked me up with all that. The poor 18 year-old newcomer who generated that "welcome" probably thought he'd stumbled into a den of cannibals.  So glad you reassured him you planned to refrain...)  Next, still new, imagine you turn to someone else at the party & he won't speak anything but a string of words that for all you know is a curse that'll turn you into a werewolf sometime in the next 4 hours...

[ Which reminds me...childhood memory: My mother, as soon as she'd realize she was dealing with an obscene phone-caller, would start yelling a string of gutteral words in Hungarian, after which she'd stop suddenly & say to the guy in English: "That was a Hungarian curse. You're IMPOTENT!"  And then she'd hang up.]

I hope there's no charge for my telling you this.

I am feeling a strange desire to talk about...music. Went to see Pete Sears & Dawn Patrol again last night - a really wonderful show, better even than the last couple; if they tour, do try to catch them... (BTW, Davey Pattison, their terrific lead singer, is a Scotsman.)  Everyone in the band was in top form, & once again, the drummer, Ernest Carter (formerly with Bruce Springsteen) did a phenomenal drum solo in the middle of "Baby Please Don't Go" -- the best I've heard in I don't know how long (while he's playing, I think: the best ever...).  On the drive out there (to a rural area), I listened to the CIA CD of JS's Halloween show @ BB King's, while looking up at a sky breathtakingly full of stars...When "St. Charles" came on, I had to pull off the road & listen to the rest of it while standing in a dark field looking up at the constellations.  What a great show (despite some fluctuations in volume that P & I have been noting) -- the crowd truly was "small but mighty" (as Marty said), & the band superb.  So glad those of us who weren't there can still enjoy it!

There!  Music!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend...


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