Hot Tuna At The Fillmore

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Posted by Paul S. on 03/09/02 - 04:47:23
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Great show for a packed house. Bill Graham would have been proud. I spotted Merl and Chet Helms in attendence. Jorma was great, but Jack stole the show. He doesn't say much and doesn't need to. You can read him from across the room. Jorma pronounced Jack to be "the humblest motherfucker in the valley". Some tunes played would be : Hesitation Blues, Embryonic Journey, Good Shepherd, Genesis, and to a huge round of applause, San Francisco Bay Blues. Their jams were real loose and fluid, with lots of intense interaction. When exiting (almost)everyone was handed a poster With Hot Tuna and the date on it. Special thanks to Don without whom this night would not have been possible.

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