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Posted by EyeSee on 03/08/02 - 18:40:52
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I too haven't yet received the goodies.  But I did get a call from someone identifying herself as a person dealing with the delivery problems - I had sent a hasty and not entirely nicely worded note to miscon a couple of days ago complaining of nonreceipt.  The lovely person who called me today explained that there's been some difficulty in getting all the goodies to arrive at the assembly point.  She promised to send the package along right away, by this coming Monday in fact.  So hope lingers on.  In your note did you include your order number?  I didn't, and that put things back a day or two.  Sounds like they mean well but supply is not keeping up with demand. Anyway, good luck to you.  I wonder how many others of us are still waiting?

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