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Posted by Don Aters on 03/08/02 - 00:08:51
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Liked or disliked, the road to Cleveland and The Hall of Fame are just a matter of time for journey.  With Steve perry, there was a time frame of about two years where i was a huge fan but, went very commercial and the appeal vanished with the music.  They continue to tour and sell quite well, smart enough to find a clone for Perry but, without him, I'm not to interested in the band.
As for Toto, a few marginal tunes of quality but as a band, not a great body of work that would indicate hall of fame connetations.
The Porcaro brothers may get in as studio musicians and justifiably so but, I think they tour now with just Lukatner and the singer.
your point is well taken though, i doubt "cover' songs are on the agenda.

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