Blind Musicians

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Posted by Artski on 03/07/02 - 23:43:18
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This is in NO WAY a defensive gesture on my part for G.W. HSUB.
Having spent a little time on the road with Blue Floyd, who's keyboard player & singer, Johnny Neel, is blind, I have never NOT seen people waving at him, Girls raising their shirts for him, and all this way into the show where there was no possiblilty of not knowing he is blind. What happens, I think, is that we get so involved in the beautiful music being performed, we completly forget any other aspect of the musician, besides the music. And I would think that that is exactly what the musician is trying to get across. Now, on the other hand, when millions of people are waving a red flag at GWB, its obvious that this clown is BLIND AS A BAT!!!!

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