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Posted by Eric on 03/07/02 - 17:24:04
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Hi all (and PK),

I first want to say that I was half-jokingly requesting a JS date change from 4/16; I know that these things can not be changed easily, and that the band's schedule certainly does not revolve around me or other concerts that are going on.

It was more a matter of wishful thinking on my part, and that I was really looking forward to seeing JS again soon.  But hey it never hurts to ask, right?  Maybe by some miracle (pardon the pun)the band would actually have another date available to play at the Keswick.

In a perfect world, a major act like Paul Mccartney would not have scheduled a concert for that same night in Philly, but I guess we all know how perfect the world is. But oh well.  If I miss the band this time around, PK and the rest of the band will be in my thoughts.


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