1974: Two Tours

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Posted by Terry on 03/07/02 - 13:56:28
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Jefferson Starship toured twice in 1974: Spring and Fall.

Some specific memories:

I saw the band at Winterland, SF, on April 20, 1974.  Highlights included: Blows Suite, plus the Manhole theme (full version of the song).  Airplane songs on that tour were: Milk Train, Volunteers, and Wooden Ships.  They also did some tunes from Baron Von Tollbooth (Ballad of the Chrome Nun, Sketches of China, Harp Tree Lament, and Across the Board).  Filling out the set were "Epic #38," "Better Lying Down," and maybe "Come Again Toucan?"  There may be some other songs I'm missing here.  What a show!  They gave out a FREE poster depicting a Flash Gordon style "starship," which I still have.  The image later resurfaced in 1995 as the cover to Deep Space Virgin Sky.

Jack Traylor's Steelwind opened the show, featuring a very young Craig Chaquico on lead guitar.  Also playing that night was Papa John's own band, Zulu.

"Peter Kangaroo (aka Kauknonen)" was the bass player--Pete Sears hadn't joined yet.  Papa John played his usual "Down Home Blues" and "John's Other."

My Dad, bless his heart, actually drove me to the show (I was only 15).  When he picked me up later, his exact words were: "So, how was the 'atmosphere' in there?"

It was fine. A head well-fed.

I didn't catch the Fall tour, in which they debuted the new Dragonfly material.  They kept Blows Suite in the setlist, although Manhole got shortened to the "Don't Tie Me Down" section.

Terry, Archivist of Jeffersonian trivia....

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