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Posted by Ron S on 03/07/02 - 11:38:39
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There were two main tours in 1974. One in the Spring, commonly referred to as the "Manhole Tour", (the first official Jefferson Staship tour).
and one in the Fall, the Dragonfly tour, to which you were referring. I saw them both.

The Manhole shows opened with the full length Blows, and closed with "Theme From The Movie Manhole" in its entirety. Talk about heaven! "Ballad of the Chrome Nun", "Harp Tree Lament, "Sketches of China". "Epic #38". Both Paul and Grace, on this tour, were dressed in what appeared to be turn of the century Japanese garb.

"John's Other" and "Papa John's Down Home Blues" were regular parts of the set on both tours. At the shows I saw they never failed to garner standing ovations.

The Drangonfly tour had a truncated version of "Theme From The Movie Manhole", featuring only the last movement, which begins with "if he wants to leave and follow the sound of the wind..." At the show I saw in Boston, all of the yet unreleased "Dragonfly" was performed, save for "Be Young You". David Freiberg sang "Caroline" in lieu of the not fully-returned-to-the fold-yet Marty.

It was at this show also that a person near the front of the stage was tossing a large beach ball type balloon in the air. He was bothering no one, and the balloon was not obstructing anybody's view. A minimum wage rent-a-cop, in desperate need of keeping himself occupied, confiscated the balloon. Seeing this, Grace fixed the rent-a-cop with a stare from lazer blue eyes that I could see from halfway back in the house, and said softly "its just your basic balloon". The house erupted and the rent-a-cop shrunk down to three inches tall.

Ron S

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