Cliff House

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Posted by C B Rollins on 03/07/02 - 09:14:43
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On our October trip to th' Bay Area had lunch at Cliff House followed by visit to this museum-wow!I especially like the flip card viewers and such which offer glimpses of women in their (gasp!) underwear and such; also carved wooden barnyard scenes with chickens operated by little metal rods or a 'Tower of London' gadget wherein a condemned prisoner marches in and is hung on the spot. Such zany stuff which our ancestors found amusing- guess it's a good thing they didn't have LSD or they would have sat around watching the furniture...Also a quick side trip from Cliff House is the Palace of the Legion of Honor (see Hitchcock's 'Vertigo')a great stash of antique eye candy, or in the other direction the Carousel Restaurant (see Griffith's 'Zippy') with it's idol-like Doggie.Just remember to 'wear some flowers in your hair'hahaha

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