1974 (if memory serves)

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Posted by Cricket on 03/07/02 - 01:17:57
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Saw them at the Greek Theater in L.A. & then drove to San Diego to see them again a night or two later... For me what was most memorable was the suite from BATE... Beginning with very dramatic, perfectly synced lighting (stage went totally dark, and then under a burst of red light, Paul & Grace took center stage & began the opening of "Sunrise"... with Grace doing some beautifully choreographed, balletic moves with her arms & hands as she sang).  The whole suite was superb -- truly magical on that warm night under the stars.  

Another high-point: "Theme from the Movie, Manhole." I'm less sure about whether this was when I first heard "All Fly Away" & "Ride the Tiger." They'd've been new to me.   I also have a vague memory of "Greasy Heart" being "dedicated" a bit snidely to L.A. (one of a couple moments when it felt as if the band didn't much like us; it wasn't so clear how they were feeling toward each other that night, either...  The audience in L.A. was a bit pissy up front (it was humid & as I recall, Papa John was having trouble getting his violin tuned & there were some impatient a-'s up front heckling.  Despite that kind of stuff, I will ALWAYS remember that performance of BATE, which I'd never dreamed I'd get to hear live...(This was during a period where any coming-together of those guys was an unexpected gift & savored as possibly the last).  As for "Blows..." I can't think of any other performance I've seen that has ever equalled that...

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