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Posted by Sister Mary Cricketina on 03/07/02 - 00:01:01
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Well, now I've seen everything!
In biblical times, the Devil was content just to do his work.  Nowadays, he wants it REVIEWED.  Spare us, Lord!

Godfearing people don't need to read a word of this abomination to know what kind of evil, corrupting, blasphemous blather Mr. Paul LUCIFER Kantner wants to tempt you to read -- for the price of a donation to the charity of your choice.  (Is that a surprise?  Of course not!  That is exactly how Satan works.)  So, friends and fellow parishoners, BEWARE: The donation may cost you a few or even several dollars-- but reading PERRO may cost you your eternal life.

Doubting Thomases may consider the following:

ITEM: "'You live next door?' Paul asked after a moment.  'No,' Mary answered.  'We're you're neighbors in Jesus.'"

ITEM: "'Could we just get down and let the Lord move us?'
'Get down?!? Paul asked quizzically..."

ITEM:  Paul:  "'Well, since when won't my father talk to me...I mean, I come up - real polite - and say, 'Father, talk to me, show me the way and the guy doesn't say a fucking word.  That ain't no way to raise children.'
Mary's eyes went very wide, her hand covering her open mouth.  Arthur looked as if he expected a lightning bolt would soon strike the floor.
'You tell him,' Paul continued, 'if he wants to talk to me, give me a call.  I'll listen, but I mean, how many times can you say, 'Hey, dad, talk to me and I get no reply, what kind of father is that...I mean, what an asshole!'"

Those of you heading straight to damnation can take the fast-track, via:

As for you, Mr. Lucifer Novelist Kantner, I hope you're thinking as much as I am about your eternal soul.  Why am *I* thinking about it, you ask?  Because I worry that on the Day of the Last Judgment, the wrathful & pitiless God I love with all my heart will decide that He thinks it'd be "funny" to send you to Heaven.  You won't be the only one who's sorry then...

I fear it's already too late.

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