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Posted by Kenny on 03/06/02 - 23:49:05
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I wonder if any of the denizens herein was followed the band and saw any of the 1974 tour, when (as my muddled mind recalls) the band was introducing material from "Dragonfly"?

I definitely saw them at the Miami jai-alai fronton that year.  I'm trying to recall if there were oddities in the set list.  The only one I recall (and i certainly can't swear to it) was "John's Other".....fronting good 'ol PJ.

I always associated this tune with HT, and again, to the best of my recollection, its the only time I ever heard JS perform what was essentially a HT song.  Anyone else see the shows on this tour?  Any other examples of JS performing Hot Tuna material?


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