not sorry one bit....miss cricket

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Posted by John on 03/06/02 - 22:49:20
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feel better now? i do.. got ME going this morning.
had not thought of that great trip in ages..

the upper balcony was deff workin class scene
think the tix were $3 or something like that.

the middle was fairly connected people with more $$

the main floor was a trip..dressed up folks..spys?
people really late getting to their seats..if ever
prob. free tix to all pinochet $$ supporters

was thrilled when they tried that old bastard
for crimes against humanity [or whatever] murder?
wished they took him back to Chile to do it too.
did he die yet? have to toast all the poor souls
that got dropped in the sea.[to hide the evidence]

was well aware of mr. Jara's fate [from PK]
they tried to make an example of him
by cutting off his he then led the crowd
in song..they killed him [in front of thousands]
and ended up making a martyr.

hope i got all the history correct.


rip Victor Jara

happy to copy/share any of his music with you
cassette tapes must be around here someplace..

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