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Posted by Cricket on 03/06/02 - 22:14:02
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do we have to tell you NOT TO APOLOGIZE for these "Sunday morning gazette" posts?!!  I loved reading it & hearing about your experiences in Santiago.  My guess is that the people in the upper balcony who were "the most excited fans [you've] ever seen"
probably came from working class & lower income families, & must've been thrilled to be there.  For a couple of decades after the coup, anything but the blandest music was severely restricted, & if songwriters wanted to convey any political content they'd have to do it entirely through metaphor -- i.e. songs about caged birds longing to fly free... & even then, it was dangerous.

Sorry to say that if you were in the Estadio Chile in Santiago, that's where Victor Jara & many others were killed in the first couple of days following the coup.  They brought Jara out into the center of the stadium, crushed his fingers & then handed him his guitar, saying: "You're a folksinger. Now sing..."  

I think a new stadium may have been built on that site; in any case, I'd guess we can barely imagine the joy & hope it would stir for some of those people who came to your concert, to be able to assemble freely & hear music that had been banned for so long.  I'm surprised they let you leave!

It was also great to hear about the shopkeeper having all those tapes of Jara's music: that through everything so many people there endured, clearly there were some who "carried the fire"...

So now will you retract that apology?  A wonderful post...C'mon!!

(you really DID get me chirpin')


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