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Posted by John Murray on 03/06/02 - 15:35:49
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with a mere mention of Victor Jara. cool..
was not intended as a "windup" as you well know.
a mere afterthought...thought it mildly amusing.

PK turned me on to Victor Jara around the KBC era.
[am sure have heard the song Mariel with its reference to "a stadium in Chile"]

I had the great fortune to perform in Chile,
"under" the bloody rule of Pinochet..even! [yikes]
with a band i worked with for many years named Shadowfax.
it was like we were the freekin beatles to them.
several dozen waiting at the airporto for us.
our surprised faces were on the front page of the major newspaper the next morn.
also on a hundred huge billbords around the city
due to the $$ponsor [vicaroy cigs]

We played a huge indoor stadium in Santiago,
and the experence i will never forget EVER.

the main floor was filled with polliticos, cronies
and other gov. types
the middle balcony was full of pumped up fans
the uppermost balcony was jammed with the most
excited fans i have ever seen..
standing...swaying..yelling..the whole 45 min set.
and have worked thousands of major shows [BGP for over decade]

The guitar player almost got us all thrown out of
a plane over the ocean..
[a fav. way of dealing with the outspoken ones]
buy his mention of Jara at a major press confrence.
covered by 2 dozen or so, writers and TV stations.
[imagine our PK at the same press gathering!]
thank god someone had the balls to do so..[GE Stinson]
got to a cassette tape store and asked about VJ.
the shopkeeper pulled 8 tapes out and reccomended
1 to me..after seeing the price..[$1 each or less]
i took the whole pile of them much to his surprise.
the people there were super warm and wonderful.
[even the troops guarding us with automatic wepons]
the land was very much like california..think wine
the music was just everywhere..also fantastic!

the concert ended with a near riot..the power went
out as it does alot there, and the crew switched
on a big genarator..only to have the power go back
on..creating a power "spike" 220 volts going through
all of our computers and complex keys and sequencers
melting everything in its path..and BURNING the stage left side of the PA system!
[have a whole photo album and video of the trip]
the crowd DEMANDED more music..we could not make.
[now, J*S could play acousticly to "calm" them]
we had nothing acoustic except for a huge drumkit.
i was doing the lighting [with spotlight cues in super limited spanish]
blanco!...negro!...[on and off for the spot dudes]

the challange came the next day! at a jazz fest in
LA..with no sleep
borrowing gear, fuses, and the like to make a show

the routing was insane to get there:
SF/LA/Miami/Argentina/over the andies/Santiago
[for a 45 min shortend set due to power problems]
lucky for me Pan-Am airways was running a special deal with double miles for south america
i got so many miles i was rewarded with a round-trip ticket SF/Paris London/SF for the $9 tax
and took my FIRST free trip to europa due to above show.

sorry for the sunday morning gazzette size post on wed.

would LOVE to return there with J*S oneday!!
have followed the politics there ever since..
[thanks for the "insight" before my visit PK!]
C-ya soon,

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