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Posted by don aters on 03/06/02 - 14:34:35
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To disagree is fine, i taught history for five years, that's not the issue.
It's like mellencamp playing in Bloomington, Indiana, where he has a home.  Tickets were like $125 and the town was in a frenzy but...........still sold out.
Why bitch about ticket prices and then buy one anyway?
The analogy???????? Bitchin about useless bombings, the evil of America, yada, yada, has some merit, I know, been there.
It gives a better perspective but if people think the bombings in NYC and other atrocities are a direct result of our misgivngs, they know little or nothing about foreign policies and atitudes towards a free country.
I never defend my stance on war or the repurcussions of it because i didn't acquire that knowledge from some pretentious book or movie.
My father was a bronze star honoree from WW!! and he dealt with his injuries all his life, much as i deal with my own.
I would rather deal with people like Ethel and ray, Cricket, Liz, you, Paul and a few others bvut unfortunately, there are a lot of dickheads out there.
How do i know?  If there is one prick in a crowd of 20,000, yelling "Freebird", he will be seated right next to me.  It's a curse or a test, sometimes handles well after years of combating this reactionary problem and others times, not handles as well, predicated on point of view.

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