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Posted by sean on 03/06/02 - 13:22:08
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Don, for a normally thoughtful person, when you get on to issues like this you do go off.  I may not agree with everything A.M. says, but you can call names and tell people to get out and that doesn't advance the cause of justice one inch.  A.M. point by point tore Kenny's rantings to shreds-- especially when accused of jingoism, of which you and Kenny are guilty-- but I guess you missed it because you were so busy being the arbiter of who does and does not get to stay in this country.  Hook up with Ari Fleischer-- he is the one running around telling everyone that it is not politically correct to disagree with anything this administration does.  The right to dissent is fundamental in the American system (see U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and its amendments, and The Declaration of Independence)and your argument of "like it or get the f--- out is completely without merit.  Leave that argument to the neonazis and their ilk.

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