Ethel and hes position on bullies and kenny.......???

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Posted by don aters on 03/06/02 - 12:29:23
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Ethel is correct, in some form or another, bullies are a way of life.  certainly, we would like to end all that but it's not feasible.  A few years ago, the thought of banning guns was proposed.  The bad guys, i.e., bullies aren't suppose to own guns anyway but if that law has passed, the only people that could carry weapons would be those who aren't suppose to own them anyway.
As for bombing innocent countries..........bullshit.
There is much more to aggression and combat than you obviously can see.  Stop watching idiot movies, reading the "woe is me" column or............if this country is so fuckin bad, go to the airport, buy a ticket and move your ass to one of those countries.
All you nay sayers who know little or nothing other than front page media, if your going to bitch, then get the fuck out.
It's like everything, if you don't like a ceertain food, don't eat it.  if you don't like various drinks, don't drink them and if you think it's so much better in another land, ......."see ya"

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