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Posted by don aters on 03/06/02 - 12:21:08
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I'm sure John was alluding to the fact that the only way to salvage a reason for watching hair bands like poison would be if they were to play some interpretation of music.  That would be difficult considering they made a fortune playing nothing more than "Every Rose Has It's Thorns", and most went on to bigger and better things in terms of sensationalism, i.e., Deville's documented decade of heroin addiction.
There are a few "pearls' in the mix, Plant does notrelish the thought of playing "Stairway To heaven", nor does her need to.  I doubt he will do many solo tunes either, excluding "Ship Of Fools" as he is touring with his  blues band and subsequent blues selections.
Those events are for the thundering herds of alcoholics and "stoners" who wouldn't know Robert Plant from Robert hunter.
Festivals generate huge crowds and provides a reason to party,.......... geez, every day i wake up and feel good, gives me a reason to party so i don't get it.  Most of these bands can't get arrested outside the parameters of their homes and haven't had a hit since Al Jolson was singing "Mammie".  If i were to go see a band with a history, it would be jerry Miller, who incidentally, is playing in Carson City this weekend with Bob Mosley, i.e., Moby Grape, and i know they can still play.  They want me to come and take images of this configuration but can't seem to come to terms with thwe cost.
To bad, ............. but this "free" format is going to end and soon.
back to the festivals,.........the only salvation for most of these guys is to work in a record storwe, music store and tell the tales of life on the road when they were kids because few people want to regress and listen to The greatest Hits of Winger, Poison, Trixter....etc.

Okay, outta here, need to figure out what I'm doing wrong, maybe even contemplate back to the midwest.

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