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Posted by Cricket on 03/06/02 - 10:29:18
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John!! (Hi...) You've gone too far!  ... if you can even IMAGINE "loverboy does Victor Jara" I am worried you may be TOO open-minded. (Yes, I'm mostly kidding, but...)  
Seriously -- Of all people to think of, you mentioned someone whose music I've loved for nearly 30 years (still can't listen to "El Arado" without tears welling up, & I rarely miss seeing Inti Illimani when they play here -- as much because I know they'll talk about him as because of my liking THEIR music; also, they still play a lot of his songs).

For 25 years before the terrorist attacks in NYC & DC, 9/11 has been for many a day to remember the coup in Chile, & Jara's public torture & murder (& thousands of others who "disappeared")...He was a leftist, & goaded the right with songs like "Ni Chicha ni Limona" (roughly: "Neither Lemon nor Lemonade"), funny, provocative, & direct, with a big heart -- I've often thought with a shudder of what would've happened to Paul & JA singing the lyrics of "We Can Be Together," for instance, had they lived in Chile instead of here.

My guess is that many on this board know about the "Nueva Cancione" (New Song) movement in Chile & how similar its flowering was to that of the "counterculture" here & in Europe in the late 60's.  But for those who may not, Jara's music (& others like Inti's, or the Parras -- Violetta, & Angel & Isabel) may be of interest -- folk melodies with hauntingly beautiful Indian (Andean) roots, & lyrics as timely as ever ...

A few years ago I read that Susan Sarandon had bought the rights to AN UNFINISHED SONG, Joan Jara's biography of Victor (her husband) & intended to make a movie about him.  As far as I know, it hasn't materialized -- I hope it will; I keep watching for it.

Was this a rant you launched?  Sorry!  But I AM very glad to know you like him too, & wanted to encourage others who might not catch your reference to check him out.  CD's of his (& Inti Illimani's) music are now being issues by FONOMUSIC:

You got me going, John (thanks, huh?) --
& p.s. I may see you at Pete Sears & Dawn Patrol 3/8 @ Rancho Nicasio (apologies to non-Bay Area shipmates)... I guess it's becoming clearer that Pete's not with HT at this point...


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