spinal fest vs: CSN&Y

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Posted by John on 03/06/02 - 01:03:31
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close minded? i dont getdit
you took a straw poll already..
everyone you talked to is wrong?

granted there are a few great players
lost in the middle of that quagmire..
as don and terry pointed out so well

chances are most "rockfest" bands are not playing any better..
or new songs..but..new hairdoos? new leather pants? spent all their ca$h?

hope you got to see CSN&Y..that sounds great
thanks for promoting the chicago J*S show!!

now if Poison is doing their tribute to Miles Davis & Coltrane..loverboy does Victor Jara?
i may be dead wrong here..

very-open-minded-about music-in-san-francisco-john

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