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Posted by Kenny on 03/05/02 - 22:18:58
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I didn't realize that I was abusing one of your trademarked slogans -- "peace".

How silly of me to think that I, who dares to disagree with your politics, might actually share the ideal of peace?  

Didn't I realize that you and you alone knew the sole road to this lofty ideal?  I have to love Ramsey Clark, Karl Marx, Bill Clinton, FDR, the Berrigan Brothers, or else, I just HAD to be in favor of a nuclear holocost.  If America isn't to blame for 9/11, well, we just have to dig for more evidence until we find it.  

GROW UP!  Give up the Mantras.  Think a little.  Your students will respect you more if you shake off a few of the dead cells and ..... ah, forget it.

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