Re: Those Amish Coke Dealers

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Posted by Chris Hager on 03/05/02 - 14:33:38
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It's amazing what you (personally) and God knows who else hears out in San Francisco.  News must really travel.  I know that when Three Mile Island blows, that's big.  But who thought our little drug scandal with the Plain People went beyond Gap, Intercourse, and Blue Ball (Lancaster County rural towns for you Big City Folk!)?!?  What's really fun is to watch the Amish teenagers on Friday afternoons.  They come into town, go Stan's Record Bar, get the lastest tunes, go to the liquor store nearby, get some pints, and then go out in the fields are party like madmen until the wee hours.  As I said:  Rich, you DON'T want me coming after you with my boys!   Love ya!  CWH

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