CH vs. Keswick or Why I Hate Rich

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Posted by Chris Hager on 03/05/02 - 11:40:53
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Well, somewhere in the middle of this extremely humorous story is a real grain of truth, which, if one looks hard enough for it, is instructive in that it points out what we can sometimes do if we work together.  Apart from the fact that I have no quarrel (Nor do I want one!) with the Keswick, Quakers, or Amish, the core of the story is basically true.  The Keswick and Ticketmaster, which I assume takes its instructions from the venue, were selling the concert as Ray Manzarek.  JS has had some trouble selling certain venues recently, and that problem can only be compounded when the band's name isn't even listed on the tickets or the ticket sale sites.  This made no sense to me.  As soon as I found out, I e-mailed PK and Mission Control AND the Keswick.  This took all of five minutes.  After that, I have no clue as to what happened, except that by the next day, Ticketmaster was billing the concert correctly and so was the Keswick website.  I figured that this would at least enable people wanting to see JS to find the ticket sale locations, which was my main goal.  Tickets sold the first day or two still say Ray Manzarek.  I can only assume this was also later changed.  Seriously, I only did what I would hope most loyal fans would do to help a band they like, assuming one has the means to do so.  In reality, it was no big thing, although it seems to have spawned at least one work of creative/comedic fiction.  Hey Rich!  Lay off the Amish or you'll be next.  It won't be funny when we park those buggies in your yard for a few days!   CWH

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