Cow's "dick" ??????????????

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Posted by don aters on 03/05/02 - 10:16:05
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There is a propensity to waver from JS and information, i.e., discussion of music as we know it.  I think that's inclusive of all concerned with this forum but how we drift from Billy Graham to the severing of a "cow's dick" seems to escape me somehow.  I would think that we all had some laboratory experience in high school and college and dealt with dismemberment of selected animals for the sake of basic knowledge but somehow being an authority on the misplacement and size of the bovine penis is a subject that is more in the realm of expertise and Kevin........
and probably appropriate as well.
Not to worry, everyone is good at something or knows a great deal about some obscure thing or event.
Somehow the variables of bovine penis never seemed to be of any great importance to me but.........whatever makes a person happy. Perhpas envy has set in.............

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