our dear departed Goombah..

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Posted by John on 03/04/02 - 22:19:48
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was banned for a "cooling off/time out" [IMHO]
by our wise and & powerfull webmaster not MC.
he was reinstated after 3 hours or so if memory serves me.
even saw him at the last Pete Sears show in the flesh..er..so to speak..
said something to me 2 month's ago about not posting
to make people THINK he was banned..[sorry goom]
looks like it worked....his silence spoke volumes
now your "outed" my friend..
guess its time to re join us now...right? hello?

come on goom...we can hear you breathing even..

good shows this weekend coming...[goomlist even]
and he needs to pick up his prize from that day.

the J*S "flight crew 1980" black T shirt that sez
[very appro. too if you remember his "poem" that day]

was offered $100 cash for it 22 years ago..
a real collectors item [never worn by any human or chimp even]


scared to post? Goom hotline>>>877.399.SHIP<<<<<

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