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Posted by Rich on 03/04/02 - 21:30:02
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After the JS show was scheduled at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA, Chris from A-Deck checked their website and noticed that they only had Ray Manzarek listed for the April 16th show and JS was not mentioned. This problem was compounded when tickets to the show were eventually sent to various A-Deck members and the tickets only indicated Ray Manzarek. Chris took it upon himself to call the Keswick Theatre to straighten this situation out. After a series of tense negotiations between these Pennsylvanians, the Keswick management agreed to change their schedule on the website to include JS and make similar changes on their printed schedules.
I was advised of these changes by Chris and considered the matter resolved.
On Saturday, 3/2/02, I attented a Joan Baez and Richard Shindell concert at the Keswick. The concert was a sold out event and both Richard Shindell and Joan Baez provided excellent performances. Upon leaving the Keswick, I looked up at the two lighted signs above the doorway inside the theatre and to my surprise, noticed the following two events listed:
April 16th - Ray Manzarek
May 9th & 10th - David Bromberg
The following day, I immediately contacted Chris and informed him of his failure to get the Keswick to modify their advertisement of the April 16th show to include JS. Chris became very upset and started yelling something about "those damn f-ing Quaker bastards". I didn't know it at the time but I had stirred-up an old religious conflict between The Glenside Quakers and the Lancaster Amish. The following day, Chris and several of his Amish friends made the trip down from Lancaster to Glenside in their horse drawn carriage, armed only with pitch forks, to confront the Keswick Quakers and force them to change the sign and live up to their previous agreement. A confrontation ensued outside the front of the Keswick as Chris and the Amish forced their way through the doorway and started tearing the black letters off the illuminated sign. Crushed black hats, pieces of torn black clothing, broken pitch forks and horse manure littered the street in front of the Keswick when the confrontation finally ended. The Glenside Police Department eventually gained control of the situation. As cooler heads prevailed, Chris and the Amish contingent sat down with the Keswick Quakers over some egg noodles, puffed wheat, rice and oats and negotiated a compromise. JS would receive equal billing for the show on all future advertisements and the schedule on the website would indicate both acts in accordance with the previous agreement. Although this agreement could not begin to resolve the fundamental religious differences between these two groups, we can only hope that the JS/RM Concert Accord may at least be a starting point for better understanding and lead to further negotiations toward ending this bitter long standing conflict. I would like to thank Chris for all of his efforts on behalf of JS. In addition, since Chris's carriage sustained considerable damage during the battle, I was hoping that some generous A-Deckers could chip in and help him with the repairs. Fortunately, Chris's horse was found unharmed grazing on the astroturf in Veteran's Stadium.

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