excerpts from a phlia city paper article on jazz legend Keith Jarret

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Posted by carolyn on 03/04/02 - 19:46:56
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appears that Keith Jarrett has been hit with lyme/babesia.

Jarrett has lately been coming at it with  renewed sense of purpose, in the wake of a trauma that threatened to curtail his playing altogether.  during a fall tour in 1996.........the pianist experienced a sudden and total loss of energy.  "the only way i could describe it, was that aliens were invading my body."  in fact, Jarrett had fallen prey to an interstitional bacterial parasite that triggered severe chronic fatigue syndrome.  he canceled the rest of his dates, retreated to his rural NJ [one of those places that if you live there, sooner or later there is a good chance you will be exposed to lyme and other t.b.d.] home and soon began a heavy regimin of antibiotics.  "it isn't like i had a chance to think about it while i was drowning;  i just went down."  it was more than a yr before he played again in public, and even then the chance of a relapse - a very real possibilty - prevented him from committing to another tour.

six yrs later, Jarret is not only back in action but also possessed of a certain new-found wonder.  ("if i get a chance to play at all, it's somehow a miracle.")    "if you think about it - after you're sick - and let's say you're still sick, and you're trying to maintain a certain level of energy - you'd want to just get to it.  so it works positivly for the music, for me to think like that.  because previously i had probably used more energy playing piano than any pianist ever did."

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