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Posted by Adrian on 03/04/02 - 19:39:57
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I meant to say in my last message that I thought the UK "tour" would work best with the acoustic version of the band. If things could be set up so that Paul, Diana and Chris did a few dates around the country (possibly including an appearance on "Later.....With Jools Holland" if it's on at the time), before meeting up with the rest of the band for the full London show, I really do think that could work quite well. The extra overheads for including the acoustic shows would be fairly low (mainly just the rental of an MPV or minibus and the hotel rooms? - MC should be able to put us straight here...), so it shouldn't be too difficult to break even on the extra dates. Even my local pub has a regular music night, which gets some fairly big names like John Otway (who played there the night before he appeared at the Royal Albert Hall) and John Tams (the singing one from the "Sharpe" series, who actually lives locally). It's a tiny venue, and there's no way you'd get the full electric band in, but the acoustic version would fit in no problem, and still have space for around 40 people (which is more than I've heard have turned up for some US shows!!).

I know of about 25 - 30 people here who'd be more than willing to help out with coming up with a list of possible venues and then spreading the word. I also think we may have an ally in a fairly high place, as I'm sure that Terry Wogan could well be a closet JA fan (when Starsh*t were on his TV show with "Sara", he said how happy he was to see Grace looking as well as she did). Based on what he did to break Eva Cassidy in the UK, if he IS a bit of a fan, it could be worth our while seeing if we can enlist his support when the time comes..

One thing that never ceases to surprise me is the number of people who come forward and say "are they still going?" when they hear about me being into JS. There's a lot of people around who have heard of the band, and probably would turn up just out of curiosity if there was a show near them, but wouldn't travel to London specially to see a show there.

I think there's more fans around in the UK than we all realise, and it's only the distance factor and lack of pre-show publicity that's stopping them turning up. If we can solve those two problems, I think we'll all be pleasantly surprised at the result.

There's no doubt that those of us here in the UK are prepared to put in whatever work is needed to help make any possible shows a reality. The only question is if MC and the band are willing to do the same and maybe take a chance on things. One think I do know for certain, 'though, is that they'd never find themselves playing to a completely empty room, as I'd make damn sure I was at every single show......... and I think there may be one or two others who'd probably do the same thanks to the JS3C laminates (when they turn up!!)


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