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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 03/04/02 - 13:51:53
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"Everywhere is war"
-Bob Marley

I teach, you guessed correctly.

No one has time = no one wants to.

What really provokes me into responding is people who think they can say "Finally, America is responsible for acts committed with things it manufactures and sells?  I'm glad to be from a nation that can list this amongst its greatest sins," and then end their posts with things like "peace."  They must think the cloud of disinformation is total.

It's not.

PK, for instance, knows he's being manipulated...

"Hey Dick,
Whatever you think of us is totally irrelevant
Both to us, now, and to you"
(from "Mau Mau/ Amerikon")

And Ethel, you _do_ do something for the world.

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