Kevin open this and reply immediately!!!!

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Posted by W7 on 03/04/02 - 13:05:22
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Not trying to condition you to do anything but believe it or not I need you to fill me in... I'm trying to catch up on my reading (and my Lenny Bruce imitations as soon as I'm off my server)so
What Happened to Hummingbird Goombah!?  Please tell me that the nice man Mission didn't really remove him from existence for his little love poem, did he?  Your defense was too tame, I was expecting total all out scarcasm! Get it?  Let me know what really happened,is it true Goombah can't hold a long term relationship, and ran from his own artistic defense?  Next time I'm leaving it to you to protect our right to free expression by being as crude as you can be.

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