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Posted by Christo on 03/04/02 - 08:40:27
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I don't know about UK tours...

I'd say the fantasy tour of smaller cities would work most profitably for just Paul/Marty/Diana.
There's lots of smaller art centres and venues now for acoustisch music. They don't pay as much but the fill up.

I think it's due to the fact that more mature audiences (generalising here I know) have changed in their concert attending habits here. The big places are horrendous now - for everybody. Folks now like a smaller concert atmosphere

McGuinn fills places solo here - probably doing better than he'd do with a band.
Havens does too at the Camden Jazz Cafe which is very small but fashionable. As did CPR.
Lofgren played solo to a 260 seater in Leicester here a while ago.
Country Joe did some small venues last year (Leeds - a tiny venue in an industrial estate)
Peter Tork did 3 x 200 seaters in 2000.

The Jefferson's standing profile-wise here being what it is (they don't know about The Next Gen at all - the last trip went unmentioned everywhere. The one before was covered comedy-fashion by an asshole (a Mr Hibbert - I think - avoid him) for Q Magazine. " I heard someone's voice shout "Where's Grace? and found that it was my own"

So for the UK - full band safely could play London - the Astoria 2 was nice - I saw The Flower Kings there last year play to about 400souls midweek. Otherwise there is the Shepards Bush Empire - there really aren't that many good venues in London. Oddly most of the musicians I know avoid playing there as the hassle/venue/audience ratio isnot good.

The only thing I could say about a future UK trip is that more advance work needs to be done presswise to get the most out of it. Some press releases/demos 3 months beforehand to the right magazines would be a required minimum I'd say, even if its to the listings magazines only.

Not very enlightening post I know
But it's Monday, it's raining and I have a cold.

Altogether now ..."awwwwww!"

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