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Posted by Eth on 03/04/02 - 01:47:25
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And who has the power to alter the perceptions of Globo-Cop Machine?  (BULLY aspect of human nature)
Noone has time for Wussy negotiations of world matters.  Just blow everyone the Fk UP....and slice everyone the Fk DOWN. order to make our discussion more than a parlour game.  "It's easy to sing on a wagon loaded with corn." Blake.......I guess, at least, it amounts to taking each stand as it comes.

As Paul suggested, at the top of this thread, calling the press---or whatever it may be.

I, myself, have not been good at political involvement, or even knowledge.  I am noone to counsel others.

But I try to increase my committment to justice,
in my own arena, when I can figure out how.


I do highly value your involvement on the board.
And the discussion is NOT a parlour game to me.
It helps.

IF I read ONLY the articles you recommend, I would consider myself well ahead of my own game.
And I'd rather read a Barbara Kingsolver novel.

Thanks you're a teacher...?

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